Thursday, April 22, 2010

New guy in the house....

..or in the barn I guess! Our new boy flew up last week and I'm pretty thrilled to have this guy too.
Here is his dam's information from the Des Ruhigestelle website:

born 2/07 American ID 715
LA 1-5 FS88 VVVE
2-5 FS92 EEEE
1-01 277 2650 87 3.3% 85 3.2%
2-00 293 3836 134 3.5% 1199 3.1%
in progress
’08 5x 1st place milking yearling
ADGA Nationals 7th milking yearling,
Member 1st Produce (dam-Elendili)

'09 6xGCH, 2xRSGCH, 3xBUOB, 1xBUIS
ADGA Nationals 6th place 2 year old,
Member 1st Produce (dam-Elendili)

Like her older sister Elende (doe #10) did in '07, Elendrea quickly became our favorite yearling in '08. The pair are
very similar, with Elendrea being a bit larger for her age, with more body and substance. Elendrea's rear udder and
teat placement are the best we've had, with tremendous height, width and smoothness. She has become a large,
powerful doe, and has maintained excellent production late into her lactation. With her size and production, it is easy
to forget she is only a two year old!

Elendrea's dam and maternal granddam were both in the Top Ten for milk production.

And his Sire's information:

born 4/05 American
LA 3-4 FS91 EEE
Elros has grown into a huge buck, but has maintained his structural correctness, especially in feet and legs. His
dam was one of our favorite brood does, a daughter of dR Elf 6*M and maternal sister to dR Elowah 7*M. His sire
combines two National Champion lines from Willow Run. A special thank-you to Kristin Loughlin for letting us use
his sire. Elros is twin to Eilat, 1st/1st udder 2 yr old at ’07 Nationals, 4-4 FS92 EEEE. Elros’ kids are consistently
correct, with good bone and tremendous length. We have one fresh daughter, Lluinil, who scored 2-5 FS90 EEEE
and 3-5 FS90 VVEE.

Elros's dam and maternal grand dam were both in the Top Ten for milk production, the same and Elendrea's. This is a very strong pedigree for both milk and show potential and we are happy our big white boy is here!