Sunday, May 23, 2010

And our beautiful new doe kid...

We have a beautiful doe kid that arrived from Des Ruhigestelle along with our boy. "ElespriteTwo" is a grand daughter of the great Elessea out of Elyssia by Victor, the new boy at DR. Elyssia was 6th place/2nd Udder at the 2009 ADGA Nationals as a first freshener. I really like this doe kid and her pedigree, we'll see how it works out in the future!

More info soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New guy in the house....

..or in the barn I guess! Our new boy flew up last week and I'm pretty thrilled to have this guy too.
Here is his dam's information from the Des Ruhigestelle website:

born 2/07 American ID 715
LA 1-5 FS88 VVVE
2-5 FS92 EEEE
1-01 277 2650 87 3.3% 85 3.2%
2-00 293 3836 134 3.5% 1199 3.1%
in progress
’08 5x 1st place milking yearling
ADGA Nationals 7th milking yearling,
Member 1st Produce (dam-Elendili)

'09 6xGCH, 2xRSGCH, 3xBUOB, 1xBUIS
ADGA Nationals 6th place 2 year old,
Member 1st Produce (dam-Elendili)

Like her older sister Elende (doe #10) did in '07, Elendrea quickly became our favorite yearling in '08. The pair are
very similar, with Elendrea being a bit larger for her age, with more body and substance. Elendrea's rear udder and
teat placement are the best we've had, with tremendous height, width and smoothness. She has become a large,
powerful doe, and has maintained excellent production late into her lactation. With her size and production, it is easy
to forget she is only a two year old!

Elendrea's dam and maternal granddam were both in the Top Ten for milk production.

And his Sire's information:

born 4/05 American
LA 3-4 FS91 EEE
Elros has grown into a huge buck, but has maintained his structural correctness, especially in feet and legs. His
dam was one of our favorite brood does, a daughter of dR Elf 6*M and maternal sister to dR Elowah 7*M. His sire
combines two National Champion lines from Willow Run. A special thank-you to Kristin Loughlin for letting us use
his sire. Elros is twin to Eilat, 1st/1st udder 2 yr old at ’07 Nationals, 4-4 FS92 EEEE. Elros’ kids are consistently
correct, with good bone and tremendous length. We have one fresh daughter, Lluinil, who scored 2-5 FS90 EEEE
and 3-5 FS90 VVEE.

Elros's dam and maternal grand dam were both in the Top Ten for milk production, the same and Elendrea's. This is a very strong pedigree for both milk and show potential and we are happy our big white boy is here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Current news....

The girls were pen-bred so we are waiting for summer kids now! Dearly and Francie have paired up and are now the 'senior' does, while Leesa and Entrepid cause chaos just for the fun of it! They love the snow and bounce around like rabbits when I'm working out in the farm yard as if to say 'come play with us!'. The shaggy winter coats are starting to show up on the floor too, it will be nice to see them slicked out in summer garb soon. Photos soon!